Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Kaan Aya

Kaan Aya has been immersed in automotive culture all his life. From a young age, he loved being around vehicles, learning about them, and understanding their unique character. Kaan was also a neat freak. When cleaning his bedroom, Kaan would remove all his belongings before fully cleaning the floor, baseboards, and walls. Only once the room was spotless would he clean one belonging at a time before placing it back where it came from. It’s no wonder Kaan ended up doing what he does today, blending his affinity for vehicles with his knack for utter perfection.

Since those early days, Kaan has honed his knowledge alongside some of the most well-known experts in the automotive care industry. Today, Kaan has numerous certifications and awards to his name—including those from the International Detailing Association, Esoteric Elite Detailing Academy, and Rupes. He has detailed some of the rarest and most exotic vehicles in the world, including those showcased in SEMA and the International Michigan Auto Show.

Kaan’s thirst for perfection is demonstrated by every car he touches. He has the ultimate respect for a vehicle’s character, history, and DNA—a respect that wins over customers who share the same passion and affinity for rare and exotic vehicles.

Kendra Aya, Co-Owner & Office Manager

Behind every great man is a greater woman and this couldn’t be more true for Kaan at ReVive. Kendra keeps ReVive’s wheels turning by managing the daily operations, client schedule, and vendor relationships. Kendra has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Grand Valley State University which has given her a valuable skill set for running a successful small business. Although Kendra herself is not a car enthusiast, she has a great appreciation for classic cars (1930s-1960s) as it reminds her of the golden age in which her grandmother/mentor/best friend lived. In addition to being a wife and business owner, Kendra is a proud mother to Kevin, a playful cockapoo who takes up all of her free time with needing endless walks and trips to the park to run.

Kevin Aya, Client Relations Specialist & Brand Ambassador

Kevin is an adorable and loving cockapoo whose claim to fame is being ReVive’s “Employee of the Month” for the past 12 months (or 13 months according to him). Kevin has a very demanding schedule as he has to greet every customer in between sleeping, eating, and playing with toys. Kevin’s job requirements go far beyond only greeting customers because he is often required to be the face of the company by appearing in photos, videos, and social media posts. Kevin’s day can be very stressful and tiring so you will likely see him sleeping in his platform bed when you enter the shop. But don’t worry, Kevin is hypoallergenic and LOVES all people and especially kids.



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  • "The work Kaan performed and his video showcasing his superior skills made me realize what it takes to detail a car. There is no doubt Kaan is one of the best detailers in the market. He is worth every penny."
    Parké C.
    2009 Mercedes Benz S550
  • "Kaan completed an amazing detail on my convertible. His attention to detail is remarkable and his work is thorough—he even took the time to polish my car's foot pedals and kickplates—those little details make a huge difference!"
    Michelle S.
    2012 Mercedes Benz AMG63
  • "He cleaned, corrected, polished, waxed, and sealed...seemed like ten steps; all thorough with attention to detail. Kaan is meticulous and will settle for nothing but perfection. I was completely satisfied with the results of my investment! Cayman S is now the screen saver for all of my devices."
    Bill S.
    2008 Porsche Cayman S
  • "Look no further for auto detailing in your greater Grand Rapids area. Nothing goes overlooked or unnoticed. He's inspired me to push my detail game even further. You're in great hands with Revive Fine Auto Finish."
    Chad Y.