Using safe and modern techniques combined with an in-depth knowledge of your specific vehicle, we can offer solutions that are unmatched – and that’s what we provide.



Once a vehicle has been restored, it’s only a matter of time before it faces everyday realities that threaten its vibrant appearance. UV exposure – Acid rain – Break dust – Fallout – Improper washing – Water Spots – Rock Chips – Road —They all compromise the beauty and value of your vehicle, which is why we offer several layers of protection.

Our outstanding product line features the latest technology in Quartz Ceramic Coatings, and the highest quality in paint protection film. With our broad range of specialized services, we are sure to have the perfect solution to fit your budget and needs. ReVive your ride with protection and appearance solutions that can last a life time.

Michigan’s four seasons. A blessing and a curse for acclaimed automobile owners navigating the mitten. Our extreme mix of the elements and road conditions can take a serious toll on even the most prestigious luxury automobile finishes. While daily use wear and tear can require a comprehensive reconditioning strategy, prolonged periods of storage can have an entirely different set of undesirable consequences.

So we ask you…

Does your vehicles appearance leave you less than inspired? Has the paint lost its deep, lustrous, mirror like finish over time? Or perhaps hasn’t impressed you since taking delivery from the dealer? Would you like the finish to rival if not surpass the caliber of the vehicle?

Whether your vehicle is purely your pride and joy, a center piece destined for a car event, a weekend warrior or a long-time car collection companion, we take pride in our ability to restore your vehicles finish to its prime. This level of restoration requires a finely tuned skill set achieved by combining immersive training with intense passion.

Your vehicle doesn’t need to be old for restoration to be needed. Contamination, scratched paint, improper washing techniques, and poor interior cleaning methods are just a few things a vehicle may go through on a regular basis.

A new production vehicle may spend hundreds —or thousands —of hours in shipping yards and rail stations before arriving at the dealership. Once there, they are often exposed to harsh chemicals and improper maintenance techniques. Most dealerships use brush washes to maintain their inventory, leaving light scratches known as “micro-marring” that chip away at the vehicles brand new finish.

One might think an exotic, hyper, or hand-built car is not subjected to the same harsh environments a production car is. Unfortunately, the rarer or more custom the car, the more often it is handled by a person—increasing the chance for human error.

More often than not, we see damage to brand-new exotics such as improper paint finishing methods at the manufacturing level. These cars are also prone to over-washing and wiping at the dealership, as well as love marks from its previous or new owner.

In general, these exclusive vehicles spend more time being stored, and over time oxidation, UV damage, and love marks can become more prevalent, degrading the once deep clear showroom shine your vehicle had. Inferior waxes and polishes used can also, over time, clog the pores of your paint further reducing your cars finish. Whether your car is brand new or has seen a few miles understanding the vehicle and its owner is the first step to our restoration process.


In addition to the detailing services listed below, we highly recommend visiting our protect services to help maintain your newly restored finish extending the look for months or years vs weeks.

ReVive services utilize techniques that are extremely labor intensive. We embrace the art of detailing and offer services at a level of mastery offered by few others. Our dedication extends beyond the countless hours of training and time spent practicing with other distinguished detailers around the world to insure our services and quality of work remains the best in the industry.



Contact us and let us discuss what might be best for you and your vehicle.


  • "He cleaned, corrected, polished, waxed, and sealed...seemed like ten steps; all thorough with attention to detail. Kaan is meticulous and will settle for nothing but perfection. I was completely satisfied with the results of my investment! Cayman S is now the screen saver for all of my devices."
    Bill S.
    2008 Porsche Cayman S
  • "Kaan completed an amazing detail on my convertible. His attention to detail is remarkable and his work is thorough—he even took the time to polish my car's foot pedals and kickplates—those little details make a huge difference!"
    Michelle S.
    2012 Mercedes Benz AMG63
  • "The work Kaan performed and his video showcasing his superior skills made me realize what it takes to detail a car. There is no doubt Kaan is one of the best detailers in the market. He is worth every penny."
    Parké C.
    2009 Mercedes Benz S550
  • "Look no further for auto detailing in your greater Grand Rapids area. Nothing goes overlooked or unnoticed. He's inspired me to push my detail game even further. You're in great hands with Revive Fine Auto Finish."
    Chad Y.